Cyber Studio
Cyber Studio intro text
MAM's Cyber Studios let you create art with art instructors from anywhere!
A hand is writing "my freedom post" in sharpie on a set of folded papers.
Cyber Studio: My Freedoms Zine

We're making zines popular again!

A screen shot from the cyber studio video that shows the finished dress and shirt collage examples.
Cyber Studio: Personal Collage

Create a collage based on Janet Taylor Pickett's work, Matisse and Me.

Draw and talk book video screen shot
Cyber Studio: Draw and Talk Book
An example of Chakaia Booker's work and text: Inspired by Chakaia Booker's External Constraints.
Cyber Studio: Wall Sculpture

Create your own meaningful sculpture out of used bicycle tires.

Screen shot from the starbursts instruction video
Cyber Studio: Starbursts
Cyber Studio: Transformation Mask
Screen shot from the layered landscapes video with text that says "Let's create a layered landscape collage."
Cyber Studio: Layered Landscapes

Create a layered work of fine art with found materials. 

A screen shot from the self portrait video with text that says "let's create a self portrait with DIY colored gel filters."
Cyber Studio: Self Portrait

Elevate your selfies! Create a colorful self portrait using your phone, inspired by Philippe Halsman.

screen shot from the inspired waving video with text that says "Let's create an inspired weaving."
Cyber Studio: Inspired Weaving

Draw inspiration from MAM's Rand Native American gallery to create your own weaving. 

Screenshot from Cyber Studio Bubble BRacelet video
Cyber Studio: Bubble Bracelets

Create wearable art with Catherine Pezo! 

A screen shot from the cyber studio video that says "let's create earth to self: a portrait"
Cyber Studio: Earth to Self

Create a self portrait with MAM art educator Catherine Pezo.

Screenshot fro the fearless lion cyber studio video. Text says "let's create a fearless lion."
Cyber Studio: Fearless Lion

Create a Fearless Lion at home with MAM art educator Peg Kenselaar!

A screen shot from the cyber studio video that says "Let's draw a venutian soldier."
Cyber Studio: Venutian Soldiers

Draw a comic book-style Venutian Soldier with MAM art educator Kevin Pyle. 

a screenshot from the Cyber Studio: Printmaking video
Cyber Studio: Printmaking

Create a Native American-Inspired print with MAM art educator Deborah Guzmán Meyer.

I'm an image! A screen grab from the Cyber Studio video about creating your own katsina dolls.
Cyber Studio: Katsina Dolls

Learn and create with MAM art educator Aggie Wszolkowska, inspired by MAM's Native American Collection.

I'm an Image! oA coral reef project finished
Cyber Studio Coral Reef

Create a coral reef out of recycled materials in your home! 

I'm an image! A screep cap from the latest cyber studio video about creating a critter out of an old book.
Cyber Studio Critter

Create a critter from an old book, glue, and some paper! 

A still frame from the cyber studio instructional video with text: let's create my museum.
Cyber Studio Museum

Create your own museum complete with artwork in the galleries!

recycled materials bug project sitting on the grass
Cyber Studio

Use recycled materials in your home to create a bug inspired by Federico Uribe: Animalia.

a finished example of the recycled material bird in Dan fenelon's cyber studio art activity
Cyber Studio

Create with us! Dan Fenelon shows us how to make a bird inspired by Federico Uribe's artwork.

an example of Shannon's finished suncatcher in a window
Cyber Studio

Create a suncatcher to brighten a sunny window.