Cyber Studio: Native American-Inspired Printmaking

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Native American-Inspired Printmaking

Inspired by Undaunted Spirit: Art of Native North America

Materials: Blank paper, scissors, glue stick, marker, foam sheet, brushes, tempera or acrylic paint, cardboard (a cereal box works great) 



1. Cut out a piece of cardboard that will fit your pattern. Draw your design on the piece of cardboard. My design is based on a Native American shirt pattern. 

2. Cut the foam sheet to match the design you drew on the cardboard. You can use foam from a produce container or textured cardboard with the top layer peeled off.

3. Glue your pieces to the cardboard. Let dry.

4. Add different color paint to the parts of your designs. Use a paintbrush or your fingers if you are using tempera paint.

5. Your design is ready to be printed! 

6. Print on blank paper and use it as wrapping paper. Print it on a blank card and send it to your friends and family. Or make a print and frame it!