Cyber Studio: Creating a Suncatcher

Create a suncatcher out of materials around your home with Montclair Art Museum educator Shannon Anderson. Today's Cyber Studio art project is inspired by Utopia and Plastic Coral Reef by Federico Uribe.

Looking for more ways to be creative? Shannon's online Studio Explorers class starts May 12, 2020!


  • 2 Clear Laminating Sheets or Clear Contact Paper (I cut my 9in x 12in sheets into 4ths)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Pictures of animals to trace (optional)
  • Colored Tissue Paper, ripped or cut into small pieces
  • Scissors


  1. Place one of your clear laminating sheets on top of the picture you want to trace with the shiny side up and peel-off backing facing down. With a permanent marker, trace your picture. You may also draw your own picture if you like.
  2. Remove the backing of the clear sheet and place your clear sheet sticky side up. This can be tricky so take your time.
  3. Next, place small pieces of colored tissue paper to fill in your outline with color. For the best result, you will want to fill in the entire image with tissue paper. TIP: Place the backing on the lower corner of your sheet where there is no image. This will help you to move your sheet around without getting it stuck to anything.
  4. Take your second same size clear sheet and remove the backing. Place this directly on top of your first sheet, with both sticky sides facing inwards. This will hold all of the tissue paper together inside of your suncatcher.
  5. Cut out your design. It is best if you "bubble cut" around your design (cutting 1/2in away from your outline), so that the suncatcher does not come apart.
  6. Lastly, display in a window! You can use a piece of clear tape or string to attach to your window.