Close up image of a child's hand as they use an oil pastel to color on brown paper. There is a container of oil pastels to the left and a container of feathers in the foreground.


School & Educator Intro
MAM offers programs and resources to introduce educators and teachers to the Museum's collection and special exhibitions and to offer techniques for integrating the study of art into the classroom. The programs and resources are designed to help teachers from all subject areas to find connections with the collections. MAM is a registered provider of NJ State Professional Development Credits, and teacher programs are designed to support curriculum goals.
Teacher pd credits available text
Professional development credits are available to educators for all adult classes offered at MAM.
For Your Classroom
Educator Guides

MAM Educator Guides are designed to provide teachers with questions, ideas, and materials for facilitating inquiry-based, open-ended dialogues with students of all ages. Taking artworks as their points of departure, they encourage conversations reaching into other subject areas, such as English and Social Studies. To request a hard copy of these guides, please email [email protected]. The Constructing Identity in America (1766–2017) Curriculum Guide is available online. 

School Tours

Design a tour that will inspire and engage your students. School programs at MAM are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards adopted in 2020.

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A mam docent is giving a group of high school students a tour in the MAM galleries. The docent is pointing at a painting of a winding road. The students are all very focused on the painting.
Professional Development Workshops

Montclair Art Museum’s educator workshops combine inquiry-based discussion strategies to foster conversations about arts, skill-building and idea-exchange in different artistic media, and thematic engagement across the arts, science, social studies, and ELA curriculum. 

Scavenger Hunts
Take a close look at your surroundings with interactive games.

Great for single or multiple players!

Print the scavenger hunt boards below. You'll need a pencil or pen. Share your drawings or your scavenger hunt finds with us on social media using the hashtag #MAMScavengerHunt

Something has to be last
Woman with child
Learn, Create, Teach
Learn about past exhibitions and video series.

Enjoy MAM any time of day with our exhibition-inspired at-home activities and videos.

Something has to be last
Ortiz Gallery Photo
Virgil Ortiz's armore for neena sits in the foreground. Several of his ornate ceramic artworks are in cases in the back ground.
For Your Students

MAM offers opportunities to learn and get involved for students of all ages, from preschool children to adults. 

Four high school girls are watching as another girl lowers her raku clay piece into a trash can full of burning newspaper. Everyone is wearing winter coats and smiling.