Constructing Identity in America (1766–2017)

Constructing Identity in America (1766–2017)

September 1, 2018-January 5, 2020

This permanent collection show of more than 80 paintings, sculptures, and works on paper will address a variety of characteristics that contribute to one’s sense of self, including civic, cultural, artistic, religious, professional, and sociopolitical identities, sense of place and personal space, and non-conformity. Portraits range from Charles Willson Peale’s General George Washington (1783) to John Singer Sargent’s Ernest-Ange Duez (ca. 1884), Alice Neel’s Isabel Bishop (1974) and Catherine Opie’s Jo (1993) and this exhibition goes far beyond portraits to explore other aspects of sense of self. Works addressing the impact of geography upon identity include those of Matthew Jensen, Abelardo Morrell, and Dennis Oppenheim, while defining moments of social activism appear in works by Juan Sanchez, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Jack Whitten, and Mel Edwards. The exhibition is curated by Gail Stavitsky, MAM chief curator. 
Featured Artists:
Peggy Bacon, Will Barnet, Leonard Baskin, Siona Benjamin, Theresa Bernstein, Dawoud Bey, Beverly Buchanan, Nick Cave, William Merritt Chase, Ching Ho Cheng, Willie Cole, Howard Cook, Konrad Cramer, Allan Rohan Crite, Orlando Cuevas, Mark Dion, Melvin Edwards, Walker Evans, Rafael Ferrer, Larry Fink, Herbert Gentry, Nan Goldin, Helen West Heller,  Jenny Holzer, Clementine Hunter, Matthew Jensen, Ben Jones, Barbara Kruger, Gilbert Lewis, Norman Lewis, Dan Lomahaftewa, Whitfield Lovell, Mario Martinez, Sophie Matisse, Wardell Milan, Abelardo Morell, Carl Moon, Andrew Moore, Alice Neel, Arnold Newman, Tom Nussbaum, Catherine Opie, Dennis Oppenheim, Gordon Parks, Frank Paulin, Charles Willson Peale, Fahamu Pecou, Tonita Peña, Dulce Pinzon, Deborah Roberts, Martha Rosler, Juan Sanchez, John Singer Sargent, Naomi Savage, Fritz Scholder, Larry Silver, Danny Simmons, Ela Shah, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson, Sandy Skoglund,  Neal Slavin, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Alec Soth, Thomas Sully, George Andrew Tice, Fred Tomaselli, George Vranesh, Bisa Washington, Marie Watt, Carrie Mae Weems, Benjamin West, Jack Whitten, Ma-Pe-Wi,  Melanie Yazzie


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