Art Instructors Spotlight Exhibition

Art Instructors Spotlight Exhibition

April 2-May 23, 2022

MAM is proud to present the Art Instructor’s Spotlight Exhibition in the Education Arcades, which showcases the extremely talented group of instructors who teach classes and Museum education programs for the Yard School of Art.

Each instructor was encouraged to submit one piece of artwork using various mediums such as oil paint, mixed media, ceramics, and more that highlights their work as an artist.

There will be a reception for all of our instructors during Free First Thursday on May 5, where they will all get a chance to come together in unity and to honor our recently retired Art Instructor Elizabeth Seaton for lending her talent and passions to the Museum and Yard School of Arts for 33 years.

Exhibiting Artists
Shannon Anderson
Raul Barcelona
Kristian Battell
Janice Belove
Janet Boltax
Grace Alexandria Brown
Sarah Canfield
gwen charles
Dorothy Cochran
Karen DeLuca
Irene Domingo
Mike Ferrari
John "Yanni" Fotiadis
Karen Fuchs
Ritika Gandhi
Gary Godbee
Karen Goldberg
Judy Gould
Marion Held
Nanci Iovino
Miriam Jacobs
Peg Kenselaar
Catherine Kinkade
Robert Kogge
Caitie Kohl
Hans Lundy
Duane Lutsko
Jessica Martell
Deborah Guzmán Meyer
Anna Muñiz
Mansa K. Mussa
Catherine Pezo
Michelle Piano
Kevin Pyle
Jennifer Rittner
Elizabeth Seaton
Lisa G. Westheimer
Agnieszka Wszolkowska


Classes at the Yard School of Art

Learn from talented artists working in a range of mediums—from oil paint to ceramics. Spring Registration for all ages is open, with classes starting April 11. 

Adult hands working on clay on the pottery wheel.