Ben Jones Scholarship

The vision of the Ben Jones Scholarship is for students with financial need to have transformative experiences through exposure to fine art and opportunities to advance their skills, explore their creative voice, build portfolios and personal connections in the arts, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

The Ben Jones Scholarship is dedicated to promoting diversity in the arts. The scholarship is awarded to high school students ages 16+ to take an adult Yard School class or workshop. The scholarship covers tuition and art supplies needed for the class. Award recipients receive a one-year membership to the museum.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones is an artist, activist, and educator, who uses his art to bring awareness to the plight of humanity throughout the world. A native of Paterson, NJ, Ben Jones co-founded the African American Cultural Committee at MAM forty years ago. His artwork is in the Museum’s collection and his mural, Envision Empower Embrace, was exhibited in 2018–2019. The Ben Jones Scholarship was established to honor the artist’s life-long commitment to youth art education and diversity in the arts.

“My advice to aspiring artists is…to get all the art exposure you can get and one of the best places to get it is at a museum…take workshops and have contact with great teachers and other young people who are also aspiring artists.” – Ben Jones

From Ben Jones

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Complete and submit the Application Form, and have a teacher complete and submit a Nomination Form. Both forms are required to be eligible for consideration.

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