(MAM) & Yard School of Art offer American, Native American, & contemporary art exhibitions, programs, & classes in NJ
Arranging a guided tour of the Museum is a wonderful way to celebrate a family milestone, reconnect with old friends, or entertain our of town guests. Group tours can be arranged for groups of six or more guests and are led by Museum docents and/or educators for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Tour themes may be selected from those listed below.

Program Themes


Current Special Exhibition

See something new! Take an engaging tour of a current exhibition. Visit the Exhibitions on View page to see our full listing of current features.



Using Your Senses
Use your five senses to explore and discuss works of art in the Museum galleries.


Looking at Portraits
Who is that person in the painting? What clues did the artist give us about their personality? Why was this painting created? How do we capture the likeness and character of a person today? Compare portraits by American artists from the 18th century through the 21th century to discover the answers.


Shifting Landscape
Featuring works from several areas of the Museum’s collection, this tour explores the various approaches and media that artists have utilized to represent the evolving American landscape.


Native American Art
Explore and learn about the rich cultural history of Native Americans by examining artifacts, tools, clothing, and ceremonial objects. Customized tours are also available. They may include Family and Community, Environment and Natural Resources, Symbols and Patterns, and/or European Influences.


Sculpture: Movement and Form
See how artists use form and movement to create dynamic three-dimensional works of art.


Modern Viewpoints
Explore the Museum’s special exhibitions and collection of modern and contemporary art. Look at works by Man Ray, Nevelson, O’Keeffe and Warhol. Discover how technology and social change inspired artists of the 20th and 21st centuries to experiment with different forms of abstraction.


Weather, Season, Time, and Place
Explore landscapes and learn how color, line and shape have been creatively used to convey weather conditions, seasons, and times of day.


Art Stories
Come to hear, see, and read the stories art can tell as we look at and interpret narrative works of art together.




Guided Tour
Explore the galleries with a knowlegable guide.
 1 hour
$16 student/senior;
$18 adult
 Self-Guided Tour
Explore the galleries as a group on your own.
1 day
$10 student/senior;
$12 adult
Please call 973-259-5136 for more information
1.5 hours
Fee varies
Fee varies




For more information, please contact:
Benedetta Balsimelli, Tour & Outreach Coordinator, 973-259-5136, tours@montclairartmuseum.org