Emily Kenselaar, In Person, Classes, Yard School of Art, Drawing & Illustration, Teen (age 12–15)

Teen Drawing

Mondays, 8 weeks
4:00 pm
5:30 pm
No Class on Monday, May 29

Take your drawing to the next level! Working from observation and reference, we will explore the power of mark-making and the fundamental elements of line, value, form, perspective, composition, and proportion. Subject matter will vary, and may include still life, landscapes, and drawing from a clothed model. The class is open to both new and experienced students, who may further develop their portfolios.

See the Yard School Policies for complete health and safety information.

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Teen (age 12–15)
Drawing & Illustration
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Emily Kenselaar

Emily Kenselaar is an art, yoga, and contemplative care practitioner with a diverse background in education, research/writing, and art therapy. With over a decade of experience working in the commercial art gallery world, she has cultivated a wellspring of creative insights which inform her philosophy as an educator. Emily is passionate about the therapeutic power of artmaking and the healing modalities which can support and empower us in the practice of creative expression.