Cyber Studio: Fishbowls

Create with MAM art educator Lisa Conrad and special guest Jali Conrad-Ukweli from Homeschool Art Club. Want more art? Register for Lisa's fall virtual art class, Saturday Studio Explorers!


To create your fishbowl, you'll need: White Paper, Sharpie Marker, Oil Pastels, Scissors,Watercolor paint & brushes

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Draw fishbowl shape onto white paper with sharpie marker.
  2. Cut out fishbowl shape using scissors.
  3. Draw fish, sand, and seaweed using sharpie marker.
  4. Color in fish, sand, seaweed using oil pastels. Draw fish bubbles using white oil pastel in background.
  5. Add the water using blue watercolor paint and brush over your oil pastel drawing.


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